The following items are provided at no additional charge
  <Estimates are free. Please contact us with any questions
1.Our rates do not change based on the subject of the document.
2.There is no express service charge.  
3.Discount available for documents of 4000 words or more.
 Questions regarding proofreading 

If there are any questions about the completed proofread document, please contact us by email.
We will reply free of charge. 
If the proofreader leaves a comment or a question, we will proofread free of charge any changes or corrections the author has made to the document.
 Repeat proofreading
If your proofread has been completed but you want the proofreader to go over the document, in full, one more time, we can do so at 50% of the cost of the original proofread.
 Translation cost (tax included)
Japanese to English: Documents with 100 characters or less will be billed at the standard minimum price listed below. Documents over 100 characters will be billed at the rates provided in the table below.

Translation Service Rates
Characters Standard document Academic document
    ~100 ¥1,600 ¥2,000
 101~1899 character×¥16 character×¥20
1900~2000 ¥30,400 ¥38,000
2001~4736 character×¥16)
with 5% discount
with 5% discount
4737~5000 ¥72,002 ¥90,000
5001~9444 character×¥16)
with 10% discount
with 10% discount
9445~10000 ¥136,008 ¥170,010
10001~ character×¥16)
with 15% discount
with 15% discount

English to Japanese: Documents of 160 words or less will be billed at the minimum rate listed in the table on the previous page. If the document is more than 160 words, the cost will be determined based on the number of words at the rate listed in the table on the previous page.

Audio transcription (text conversion)
Audio transcription method: We do not correct the speaker’s grammar. We only transcribe what the speaker says. The only changes we make are the following: *1

   If the speaker repeats a phrase or self-corrects, we will omit the repeated or 
   corrected content. For example,

     ・I think, I think that---  ⇒   I think that---
     ・In June, no, July---  ⇒   In July---

Audio transcription does not include correcting the speaker's grammar. For example., if the speaker says "He go to …"we will transcribe as it was spoken rather than correcting it to "He goes to …".
If you wish to have grammatical corrections done in addition to the audio transcription, please indicate that you would like a separate proofreading. Upon completion, we will deliver both the transcribed text as well as the proofread corrected version.

Contact information

Please contact us to inquire about any additional details or for any questions.

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